Rumour Cubes

Rumour Cubes Studio Diary – Days 1-4

Posted by on Jan 18, 2014

Friday 1st – Monday 4th November 2013 In May 2011, we walked into the amazing Café Music Studios in London for the first time. Over the next six months we noisily put together our debut album The Narrow State with producer Mark Sutherland and engineer Cherif Hashizume. It was an unforgettable experience for us all, and a period of huge development for us musically. So, it is with great excitement – and high hopes – that we are back at Café Music in 2013, starting work on our second album. We’ve been buried away for the best part of a year putting together the songs, writing and re-writing, and we finished up our final pre-production rehearsal on Thursday 30th October happy that we had got what we needed to take into the studio. An Amazing Summer These recording sessions come on the back on an incredible summer for the band. We teamed up with a whole array of amazing musicians (including Sam Duckworth, Sweet Billy Pilgrim, Riz MC and Annie Rew-Shaw) for some big collaborative shows at Glastonbury, Truck and Village Green festivals. In addition, we ran a Kickstarter campaign to fund part of the recording process and we were overwhelmed with how generous people were in putting some faith in us and pre-ordering a record we haven’t made yet. If you backed us and are reading this, thank you thank you thank you! We won’t let you down. Recently we also caught up with Olga Lagun who filmed one of our shows and asked us some questions. You can see the video she made here. Rumour Cubes on stage with Sam Duckworth at Truck Festival 3pm Day 1: Setting Up Our first port of call on Day 1 was to set up the drums. The drum sound is where much of the album’s energy will come from so it’s a really important thing to get right. It helps that we’re in the studio for a long chunk of time, because we only need to do this once! The next stage is to record each song as a live take, keeping only the bass and drums. In most cases, we don’t use a click track – one of the things we really want to capture is the band playing live, with all of the back and forth and push and pull of a rock ‘n’ roll band. There are...

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