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The Mystery Harpist

Posted by on Apr 7, 2014

On a greyish Sunday in February, we were recording some additional instruments (namely clarinet and cornet, provided by the lovely Freya and Claire) at Amazing Grace Studios. As I walked towards the front door, there appeared to be a harp outside. As I got closer, it transpired that there was indeed a harp outside, accompanied by a harpist. My initial – not unreasonably – assumption, was that we’d found someone to play harp on our album and as I was trying to work out how on earth that had happened and why no-one had mentioned it, it became clear that the harpist had no idea he was standing outside a music studio, and was just looking for somewhere to film himself busking in London before he returned to Australia the following day, as his father had bought his first harp here. The harpist in question was Jake Meadows, who, in his own words, “loops  harp, voice and percussive elements live to create rich and deep tracks full of intriguing shifts and contrasts.” The parallels between his compositions and techniques we use in our own music was quite extraordinary. Well, you can’t ignore serendipity when it literally smacks you around the face, so we invited him upstairs to record some of his own compositions, and while he was there he was kind enough to record on one of the tracks from our upcoming second album, so keep your ears peeled for that! In the meantime, here is one of Jake’s...

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