Rumour Cubes


Reviews of ‘Appearances of Collections’

“Oh, this is a beauty…seek it out. Appearances of Collections is a far-reaching and fearless work, a dizzying instrumental adventure whose orchestral origins are given form and flight by the addition of traditional pop/rock instrumentation and the subtlest electronica.”
The Skinny

“Rumour Cubes have the skill and, more importantly, the heart that many of their contemporaries do not. This is music overflowing with a delicate, but nonetheless significant, passion.”
Drowned in Sound

“Rumour Cubes stand out due to their dexterity, their ability to blur the lines of genre and venture into territory that other bands of this ilk wouldn’t so much as acknowledge.”
The 405

“Rumour Cubes’ sound is a luminous re-imagining of very many constituent parts. The result is bigger than the origins without being over-worked in anyway. ”
Louder than War

“When the end of year thought process revolves around and we try to list the year’s finest collections, Appearances of Collections will unquestionably be making an appearance.”
Echoes and Dust (Appearances of Collections placed 7th in Echoes and Dust’s 2014 albums of the year)

“Essential listening for those looking for a shot of joy.”

Reviews of ‘The Narrow State’

“…packs more inventiveness into 36 minutes than most bands of this ilk manage in an hour…an accomplished debut that displays their talent to its fullest extent”
The Blue Walrus

“Rumour Cubes have truly delivered on this fine debut album”

“…an accomplished debut effort from a potentially brilliant band.”
The 405

“Rumour Cubes carry themselves with an essence of individuality that makes them all the more intriguing…six astounding songs that will coincide with you in a haze of resentment, melancholy and euphoria.”
Sound Revolution

“I also don’t see many bands creating something as unique as ‘Triptych’ or as pretty as ‘Tempus Fugit'”
The Silent Ballet

“…enormous variety and no flat spots.”
Echoes and Dust

“Rumour Cubes made a fantastic album (debut, nonetheless!) in The Narrow State.”

“All in all Rumour Cubes’ The Narrow State is one of the best post rock albums I ever heard. The great sounds, the fantastic mix and the songs themselves – post rock doesn’t get much better than this.”
Alternative Matter


Reviews of ‘We Have Sound Houses Also’ [EP]

“At the end of the year, when we look back on our favorite albums, we’ll realize that many of them contained only one solid track. On this EP, Rumour Cubes offers us three: enough to raise our expectations and to put the band in the running for the title of ‘best new artist’.”
The Silent Ballet

“They make music to make and break hearts, full of cinematic sentiment that gets stuck in your soul. Think of them as the soundtrack to your daydreams.”
The 405

“It was the sheer excitement in the room knowing that there was something extraordinary about to happen. Six of them slowly but surely start to invade the stage and started to set up all their equipment, electric violins, electric violas, electronic drum pads there was even a joystick…. ‘At Sea’ was next…just a beautiful, beautiful song!”

“It’s the final track, ‘At Sea’, that is truly breathtaking and marks these guys out as ones to watch out for in the coming months….building upon achingly lovely interplay between the strings, creating an incredible sense of wistful melancholy that just makes me want to listen to it over and over. Phenomenal.”
Echoes and Dust

“[T]he percussion is explosive, the course, unpredictable. When the strings return, you’ve been put properly on notice. “Rain on Titan” follows a similar, complex arc: here it is delicate and moving, and there, blistering and dissonant and final.”
The Muse In Music

“The first cut from the record, The University is a Factory, is a slow building ship full of paranoia sailing through seas of glimmering guitars”

“[T]hose strings provide succour and pensiveness one moment and lead catharsis the next as the sonics crash down or ungainly flutter around them.”
Sweeping the Nation

“‘The University is a Factory’ showcases their wonderful blend of sinuous guitar lines and intertwining violin.”
Future Sequence